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A Series Partially Depleted Silicon Surface Barrier Detectors
ACE-MATE Preamplifier, Amplifier, Bias Supply and SCA
ACTINIDE-85 Lung Monitor Detector
ALPHA ARIA Single Input NIM Alpha Spectrometer
ALPHA DUO Dual Input Alpha Spectrometer
ALPHA ENSEMBLE 2, 4, 6 or 8 Input Alpha Spectrometer
ALPHA MEGA Single Input Alpha Spectrometer for Large Samples
ALPHA-MINI-PPS Miniature Vacuum Pump
ALPHA-PPS Portable Pump Station
AlphaVision Alpha Spectroscopy Software
Am-1 Ultra-Thin Window Alpha Source
AN34 Educational Experiments
ANGLE Advanced Efficiency Calibration for HPGe Detectors
ASC2 Automatic Sample Changer
ASC-950-DP Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter
ASPEC-927 Dual Input Multichannel Analyzer
AURAS-3000 Box Counter for Free Release Containers
AWM-1 Actinide Wound Monitor
A11 CONNECTIONS Programmer's Toolkit
A12 Analysis Results Programmer's Toolkit
A35 ScintiVision Gamma-Ray Analysis with NaI
A36 AlphaVision Alpha Spec Data Management and Analysis
A44 Report Writer for GammaVision
A46 Report Writer for ScintiVision
A49 DataMaster Spectrum File Format Translator
A65 MAESTRO MCA Emulation
A66 GammaVision Gamma-Ray Analysis with Ge
A-576 Preamplifier, Amplifier, Discriminator and Bias Supply

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B SeriesTotally Depleted Surface Barrier Detector
BETA-X Electron and X-Ray Spectrometer
BL050 BNC/LEMO Adapter
BNC/SMA BNC to SMA Adapter
B/PFA-xx for pressure filling portable dewars

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C Series Annular Partially Depleted Surface Barrier Detector
CF8000 Octal Contant-Fraction Discriminator
CMC203 CAMAC FERA Driver, Memory, and Histogrammer
CO4020 Quad 4-Input Logic Unit
Compton Suppression Counting Systems
CONNECTIONS Programmer's Toolkit (A11)
CRE-1 Cooling Rod Extension
CryoCoolers (Sunpower)
CryoSecure Compressor Power Controller
Cryostats/Dewars - See the Configuration Guide for Your Detector Type
CSS-P-xxx Portable Compton Suppression Systems
C-VT120 Power Cable Assembly
C-13 BNC to Microdot Vacuum Feedthrough
C-16 Microdot to BNC Adapter
C-17 BNC to Microdot Adapter
C-18-x Microdot 100-W Miniature Cable
C-18-x-S Microdot 100-W Miniature Cable (Custom Length)
C-19-2 Microdot 100-W Miniature Cable
C-19-x-S Microdot 100-W Miniature Cable (Custom Length)
C-21 Microdot 293-3913 Miniature 100-W Cable
C-22 Microdot Male Plug
C-23 Assembly Tool
C-24-x RG-62A/U 93 W Cable
C-24-x-S RG-62A/U 93 W Cable (Custom Length)
C-25-x RG-58A/U 50 W Cable
C-25-x-S RG-58A/U 50 W Cable (Custom Length)
C-27 Terminator
C-28 Terminator
C-29 BNC Tee Connector
C-30 Microdot to Microdot Connector
C-31 BNC to Microdot Adapter
C-34-12 RG-59A/U 75-W Cable
C-34-x-S RG-59A/U 75-W Cable (Custom Length)
C-36-x RG-59A/U 75-W Cable
C-36-x-S RG-59A/U 75-W Cable (Custom Length)
C-37 SHV Female Plug
C-38 SHV Male Bulkhead Jack
C-43-x-S RG-59A/U 75-W Cable (Custom Length)
C-45-x-S RG-62A/U 93-W Cable (Custom Length)
C-46 SHV Tee Connector
C-62 BNC Connector
C-63 SHV Connector
C-75 RS-232-C Null Modem Cable
C-80 RS-232-C Extension Cable
C-488-x IEEE-488 Interface Cable
C53-B32 Nuclide Navigator Software

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D Series Planar Totally Depleted Surface Barrier Detector
DB463 Delay Box
Detective-200 Ultra-High-Sensitivity, Ruggedized, TransportableHPGe Radioisotope Identification System
Detective-EX-100T/Detective-DX-100T HPGe Based Hand-Held Gamma and Neutron Nuclide Identifiers
Detective-MRVS Mobile Radiation Verification System
Detective-Remote Nuclide Search and Identification Software
Detective-SPM Advanced Spectroscopic Portal Monitor
DET-SW-UPG Detective-EX/DX-100T and Micro-Detective Software Upgrade
Dewars/Cryostats - See the Configuration Guide for Your Detector Type
DigiBASE PMT Base with Digital MCA and USB Connection for NaI
DigiBASE-E PMT Base with Digital MCA and Ethernet Connection for NaI and LaBr
DigiDART Portable HPGe Multichannel Analyzer
DigiDART-LF Portable "SMART" MCA for NaI(Tl), LaBr and other Scintillation Detectors
DIM-xxxx Detector Interface Module
DPM-USB Dual-Port Memory to USB Interface Converter
DSPEC LF Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
DSPEC jr 2.0 High Performance Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
DSPEC Pro Advanced Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
DSPEC-50 and DSPEC-502 Advanced, Fourth-Generation ORTEC DSP-Based Gamma Ray Spectrometers

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EASY-MCA 2k or 8k Channel Multichannel Analyzer
EASY-MCS Multichannel Scaler
EL910 Particulate Filter Holder
ETHRJ45 EtherNIM 10Base2 to 10BaseT Adapter Kit (BNC to RJ45)

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F Series Heavy-Ion Partially Depleted Surface Barrier Detector
Fill Funnel for filling portable dewar
FM-P3 Fission Meter Portable Neutron Source Identification System
FoodGuard-1 NaI Based Food Monitoring System
FoodGuard-2 HPGe Based Food Monitoring System
FoodGuard-2-AK Add-on Kit for existing GammaVision installations
FRAM Safeguards Software
FTA820A Octal Fast-Timing Amplifier

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GammaVision Gamma-Ray HPGe Spectral Analysis
Gamma Gage II Portable HPGe Gamma Ray Spectrometer
GammaScreen-8 Gross Gamma Screening System
Gamma-X HPGe Coaxial Detector (GMX)
GEM HPGe Coaxial Detector
GG8020 Octal Gate and Delay Generator
Global Value Gamma Spectroscopy Automation and Custom Reporting Software
GLP Planar, HPGe Low-Energy Photon Spectrometer
GWL HPGE Well Detector
G5 Lead Shield

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-HE Harsh Environment Detector Option
HKED Hybrid K-Edge Densitometer
HMS4 Holdup Measurement System for Safeguards Measurements
HM413 CAMAC FERAbus Histogramming Memory
HPLBS Series High Performance Low Background Shields
HT-1 Heater Tape

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ICS Integrated Cryocooling System
IDM-200-P Interchangeable Detector Module for Portal Monitoring Systems
IDM-200-V Interchangeable Detector Module for System Integrators
IMBA Professional Plus Dose Assessment Software for In Vivo Applications
INCC Neutron Coincidence Counting Software
IPC-650 Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter
IPC-650-HP Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter
ISOPLUS Program Isotopic HPGE Gamma-Ray Analysis
ISO-CART II Mobile Assay System Cart
ISO-CART-85 Mobile Low-Level Waste Assay System
ISO-Turntable for Drum Rotation in use with ISO-CART
IT100 Inverting Transformer

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L Series Si(Li), Room Temperature Surface Barrier Detector
LABR-xxx Lanthanum Bromide Scintillation Detectors
LB050 LEMO/BNC Adapter
LDM-1 Laboratory Detector Module
LL-174 Signal Cable
LNP-7D Probe for use with 729A
LNP-30D-x Probe for use with 729A
LNTCxxx Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Collar
LT050 Terminator
LVis Counting Laboratory Application Manager Software

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M-1-T2 Tripod for Detective and trans-SPEC instruments
MAESTRO MCA Emulator (A65)
MDS Multi-Detector System Alpha/Beta Counter
MGA MGA++ Safeguards Software
Micro-Detective and Micro-Detective-DX Ultra-Light Portable Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifiers
Micro-Detective-HX ENHANCED CAPABILITY, ULTRA-LIGHT Portable Hand-Held Radioisotope Identifier
Micro-trans-SPEC Lightweight, Battery Powered, Portable HPGe Gamma Spectrometer
MICRO-TSP-UF6 Portable UF6 Cylinder Verification System
Micro-Detective/Micro-trans-SPEC Battery Upgrade
Mobius Recycler Condensing Liquid Nitrogen HPGe Detector Cooling System
MPC-900-DP Manual System Alpha/Beta Counter
MPC-900-GFL Manual System Alpha/Beta Counter
MPC-900-GFW Manual System Alpha/Beta Counter
MPC-1000-GFL Manual System Alpha/Beta Counter
MPC-1000-GFW Manual System Alpha/Beta Counter
MT050 50-W Matched Tee Signal Splitter

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NaI-SS Radiation Search System
NTC/xx for pressure filling bucket style dewar
Nuclide Navigator Nuclide Library Software

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OS5400 Sentinel - Digital Failed Fuel Spectrometer
OS5500 Clamp-On Water Monitoring System 

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PFB-MOD3L, 7L Pressure Fill Adapter for MOD Dewar
PGM-1 Pipe Gauge Monitor
Phantom for Whole-Body Counter
PINS3-CF Chemcial and Explosives Identification System
PINS3-CW Chemical and Explosives Identification System with Neutron Generator
PINS-GMX Portable Isotopic Neutron-Spectroscopy GAMMA-X Detector
PLUS Option (Ultra-High Count-Rate Preamplifier)
PLS-SYSTEM Positron Lifetime System
PPS Portable Pump Station
PRN-C-x Printer Port Cable
PROFILE Series GEM HPGe P-Type Coaxial Detectors
PTPA PopTop Pumpout Adapter
PTVSO PopTop Valve Shaft Operator

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R Series "Rugged" Partially Depleted and "See-No-Alpha" Surface Barrier Detectors
RCAP-2 Ion Recoil Contamination Avoidance Package
Report Writer Software for GammaVision (A44)
Report Writer Software for ScintiVision (A46)
RENP Renaissance Whole Body Counting Software
RSSx Exempt Quantity Radioactive Sources

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ScintiVision Gamma-Ray Analysis with NaI (A35)
SDT-1 Step Down Transformer
SENSADPTR Vent Line to MOD Dewar Connection
SGD-GEM Safeguards Detectors
SGD-Planar Safeguards Detectors
SHP-1 Shallow Hole Probe
SLP Silicon (Li) X-Ray Detectors
SMA58-x RG-58U (50-W) Coaxial Cable
SMA/BNC SMA to BNC Adapter
SMA50 Terminator
SMART-1 and SMART-INTERFACE Intelligent Detector Option
SOTI Wireless Connection Software for Detective/trans-SPEC Families
SPD-1 Submergible Photon Detector
StandFast Stand Up Whole Body Counter
Sunpower CryoCoolers

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T50 Terminator
TA050 Tee Adapter, LEMO
TechniCART Configured for Mobile Scanning with Detective or trans-SPEC Instrument
TF50 Feedthrough Terminator
TL-x Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Line
Trans-SPEC-DX-100T Battery Powered Portable HPGe Gamma Spectrometer
Trans-SPEC-N N-type Portable HPGe Radiation Spectrometer

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ULTRA Ion Implanted Si Detector
ULTRA AS Low-Background Ion Implanted Detector
Ultra CAM Continuous Air Monitoring Ion Implanted Detector
USB-CONC 5-Port USB Concentrator
USBEXT USB Active Extension Cable

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VL-x Liquid Nitrogen Vent Line
VT120 Fast-Timing Preamplifier
VVO-1 Non-PopTop Vacuum Adapter
VVO-2 Vacuum Connection

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WD/30, /50 Dewar Withdrawal Device
WL-x Wireless Network
Whole-Body Counting Systems
WPC-1050 Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter
WPC-1150-GFW-3 Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter
WPC-1150-GFW-5 Automatic System Alpha/Beta Counter

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X-COOLER III Mechanical Cooler
X-COOL-RACKMOUNT Cold Head Rackmount Bracket
X-COOL-STAND Cold Head Stand

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113 Scintillation Preamplifier
121-C1 Preamp Power Cable Extender
121-C1-x-S Preamp Power Cable Extender (Custom Length)
142A, 142B, 142C Preamplifier
142AH Preamplifier
142IH Preamplifier
142PC Preamplifier

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2BY2/2BY2-DD Integral NaI(Tl) Detector
218 Magnetic Shield
265A Photomultiplier Base
266 Photomultiplier Base
269 Photomultiplier Base
276 Photomultiplier Base with Preamplifier
276L Low-Power Photomultiplier Base
296 ScintiPack Photomultiplier Base with Preamplifier and HV Supply

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3BY3/3BY3-DD Integral NaI(Tl) Detector

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400A - 400C Blank NIM Modules
400-1B - 400-3B Blank Panel
401-C3 Module Extender Cable
401-C3-x-S Module Extender Cable (Custom Length)
414A Fast Coincidence
416A Gate and Delay Generator
418A Universal Coincidence
419 Precision Pulse Generator
425A Nanosecond Delay
426 Linear Gate
427A Delay Amplifier
428 Detector Bias Supply
439 Digital Current Integrator
449/449-2 Log/Lin Ratemeter
460 Delay Line Amplifier
462 Time Calibrator
469 High Voltage Shutdown
474 Timing Filter Amplifier
480 Pulser
495 Power Supply
496, -1, -2 Heat Tape Temperature Control
499 Fast/Slow NIM Logic Converter
4001A/4001C NIM Bins
4002A 96-W Power Supply
4002D 160-W Power Supply
4002E 300-W Power Supply
4002P Portable Power Supply
4002P-C1 Preamp Power Fan-Out Cable
4003 Preamplifier Power Output
4006 Minibin and Power Supply

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533 Dual Sum and Invert Amplifier
542 Linear Gate and Stretcher
550A Single-Channel Analyzer
551 Timing Single-Channel Analyzer
552 Timing Single-Channel Analyzer/Timing SCA
556/556H High-Voltage Power Supplies
566 Time-to-Amplitude Converter
567 Time to Amplitude Converter/SCA
570 Amplifier
572A Amplifier
575A Amplifier
576VM Vacuum Manifold and Control
579 Fast-Filter Amplifier
583B Constant Fraction Differential Discriminator/SCA
584 Constant-Fraction Discriminator
590A Amplifier and Timing Single-Channel Analyzer
596A Temperature Controller

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659 5-kV Bias Supply
660 Dual 5-kv Detector Bias Supply
661 Ratemeter
671 Spectroscopy Amplifier
672 Spectroscopy Amplifier
673 Spectroscopy Amplifier and Gated Integrator

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710 Quad 1-kV Bias Supply
729A Liquid Nitrogen Level Monitor

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807 Vacuum Chamber
808 Vacuum Chamber
850 Quad Single-Channel Analyzer
855 Dual Amplifier
863 Quad Timing Filter Amplifier
871 Timer and Counter
810292 Sieve Pill

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905-x NaI Scintillation Detector
905-21 Fast Plastic Detector Assembly for Positron Lifetime System
920E 16-Input Multichannel Buffer
925-SCINT ACE Mate Preamplifier, Amplifier, Bias Supply and SCA
927 Dual Input Multichannel Analyzer
928 EASY-NIM High Performance, Multi-Function MCA/Counter/Timer/Rate Meter
935 Quad 200-MHz Constant-Fraction Discriminator
974A Quad 100-MHz Counter/Timer
976 Quad 250-MHz Counter/Timer
978 Dual Timer
994 Dual Counter and Timer
995 Dual Counter
996 Timer and Counter
9301 Fast Preamplifier
9302 Amplifier Discriminator
9305 Fast Preamplifier
9306 1-GHz Preamplifier
9307 pico-Timing Discriminator
9309-4 Quad Fast Amplifier
9310-16 Sixteen Channel Fast Amplifier
9326 Fast Preamplifier
9327 1-GHz Amplifier and Timing Discriminator
9349 Log/Lin Ratemeter