Our services covers the following areas:

Resource Management Solution

CHARM is a well established, highly regarded and successful recruitment and HR Managed Services Company, supporting employers and candidates in a wide range of industry sectors and divisions.

We have lot of experience in Recruitment and HR staff, to support our client portfolio which is now in excess of 200, which includes on site HR Managed serviced sites.

We are an owner managed organisation allowing total flexibility no matter how challenging the task or request may be and throughout the team we have extensive experience of the recruitment and HR Industry. Our continued success is undoubtedly down to our prime asset - our people (staff, candidates & employers) and through our development of a service that focuses on these assets we have seen our reputation and business go from strength to strength.

We've understood from day one that in order to "do well" in this competitive industry we need to be able to offer customers (candidates and employers) something a little different, therefore over the years we have continued to invest in our people and business in order to continually improve our knowledge & standards of service and remain completely customer focused thereby offering solutions that are in line with desired requirements.


Our consultancy covers the following areas:

ETP Consultancsy

Waste water treatment

Waste water recycling