We are the sole agent of LJ Specialities, UK.

We are supplier of high quality dyes and chemicals to the global textile, paints, inks and plastics industries.

Our unique business model ensures we deliver the very best products and services to our customers around the world.

We have research, development and production facilities within the group and additionally we source the newest and most innovative products from a number of key partners and bring them to you with quality and safety assured.

In addition to the products we sell we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and customers can rely on our unparalleled pre-sale and after-sales service.

Our product offer is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere in the world, and thanks to our streamlined structure and mode of operation our prices remain very competitive.


We offer a full range of dyes for every type of textile fibre, and all are capable of meeting the most demanding of retailer and brand technical specifications.

Process Chemicals

The importance of process chemicals is often underestimated. We have a range of process chemicals to prevent or solve every conceivable problem encountered in textile finishing.

Performance Finishes

Consumers now demand that their products are both attractive and functional. We provide high specification finishes including water repellents, moisture wicking and climate control products to add value and performance to textile substrates.