We solve the world’s most critical water treatment challenges.

In the last years, CHARM has emerged as the leading separation technology for water and waste water treatment. CHARM has been at the forefront of its development. Today, growing global demand for clean water, more stringent regulatory issues, and increasing environmental concerns make membrane technology for water and waste water treatment more relevant than ever.

CHARM engineers can help you customize solutions to meet your municipal water or industrial water and waste water treatment needs. Our highly sophisticated water and waste water treatment systems purify incoming water and clean outgoing waste water for all types of facilities worldwide – producing water that’s pure enough for reuse.

At the same time to liberate society and environment from the harmful effect of chemical based water, with the joint collaboration with our partner, CHARM is providing the Electron Cluster Pi (ECPI) water to the affected mass for ensuring the best option for our health. The water is high Alkaline, high oxygen content and it provides number of benefits including killing the dehydration of body, enhancing the energy needed by body, producing the electrical and mechanical energies needed by the cells and avoiding and restoring the spoiled and abnormal DNA. CHARM is proud to invest their effort for the collective development of mankind.