Mitsubishi Rayon aim to provide a world-class range of comprehensive water-related solutions.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

STERAPORE is a micro-porous hollow fiber membrane which can be applied to industrial and medical areas, such as industrial/municipal wastewater treatment facilities, drinking water facilities, the filtration equipment of circulation water for power plant turbines and microfiltration units for germfree hand-washing water in hospital operating rooms.

Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering Co.,Ltd. has received high praise from many sources in private industry and official circles for its various wastewater treatment systems employing a membrane bioreactor system, and its industrial-use water purification systems employing hollow fiber membrane technology.


Flocculants are divided into three types: non-ionic/anionic, cation, and amphoteric. Amphoteric flocculants, which the Mitsubishi Rayon Group has led the world in developing, display unique effects in the treatment of wastewater, where coagulation of sludge is difficult.