Charm Ltd. has been completed successfully two ETP projects and one on going project. 

Implemented Projects:

1. Client name: Knit Concern Group 

   Address: 62 Water Works Road, Godnail, Narayongong-1400 Bangladesh.

   Feature: - ETP(From 3000m3/day to 6000m3/day).

2. Client Name: Next Accessories Ltd.

    Address: Shawghat,Bhulta,Rupganj, Narayanganj-1462, Bangladesh.

    Feature: CETP (ETP & STP) 360m3/day.

Upcoming Projects:

3.  Cotton Group.
    Address: Amtoli, Habir Bari P.O. Seed Store Bazar, P.S. Valuka, Dist. Mymensingh.
   Feature: ETP (2500m3/day)


4.  Aman Graphics & Design Ltd.
   Address: Najim Nagar, Hemayetpur, Manikganj Highway.
   Feature: ETP(1800m3/day)

5.    Sanjana Fabrics Ltd.
       Address: Dhaka - Sylhet Hwy, Mahona

6.  Fakir Apparrells Ltd.
     Address: Bscic I/E, Fatullah Road2, Fatulla, Narayongonj.


5. NR group
    Fatulla, Bholail