Radioactive detection system

Radiation Detector or particle detector is a device that measures this ionization of many types of radiation, like- Beta radiation , Gamma radiations and Alpha radiation with the matter. Thus, creating electrons and positively charged ions. Radiation protection is one of the most important parts in industrial safety and is subject to strict legal regulations. Exactly for this sensitive area CHARM provides highly sensitive and reliable instruments for measuring.

Types Of Radiations

The types of radiation detected by these detectors are Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation.

Alpha Radiation

  • Alpha particles or double ionised helium nuclei are the fast moving helium atoms.
  • They have high energy ranging in MeV.
  • They have low penetration depth; typically few cms of air or skin due to their large mass.

Beta Radiation

  • They are fast-moving electrons.
  • Their energy ranges from hundreds of KeV to several MeV.
  • They have better penetration depth due to their comparatively lighter mass. Typically several feet of air, several millimetres of lighter materials.

Gamma Radiation

  • They are the stream of photons.
  • Typical energy ranges from Several KeV to Several MeV.
  • They have comparatively very low mass. Thus, possess good penetration depth. Typically a few inches of lead

Radition Detectors Devices


High-sensitivity device intended to detect and localize radioactive and nuclear materials by their external gamma and neutron radiation. It is widely used by the Border Guard Service and environmental inspections to prevent illicit transfer of radioactive materials across the state borders.


A highly-sensitive and compact device intended to detect, localize and identify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation as well as the amplitude gamma spectra. SPECTRA identifies radionuclides with indication of the category that they belong to (in compliance with the IAEA requirements).  It is used to prevent illicit transfer of these materials across the state borders, as well as at the companies and institutions dealing with gamma and neutron radiation sources.

A brand new search algorithm provides high sensitivity of the device and its instant actuation at the slightest change of gamma or neutron background level. New generation scintillation detectors with the silicon photomultiplier ensure high thermal stability of the device and entirely eliminate the “microphone effect”.The device offers an outstanding user experience due to its innovative design, compact size, large colour display and a 200 hours continuous operation time.


Multipurpose Dosimeter-Radiomete

Gamma dosimeter with GPS MKS-UM is a full-range radiation survey device in the field environment. Designed on the basis of MKS-U, which gained an excellent reputation under severe desert conditions during peacekeeping mission in the Middle East.

In addition to gamma and beta radiation the dosimeter can measure alpha radiation. There is an added possibility to archive measurement results with reference to the location coordinates with the integrated dual-system GPS / GLONASS receiver. The device uses lithium-ion memory-effect-free battery. The display indicates the statistical error of measurements. Availability of the analog indicator of radiation intensity facilitates localization of radiation sources. High protection rating IP67 and a rubber protective case allow using the device in harsh climatic conditions. It became even more comfortable to operate the device due to the reduced weight and dimension parameters

Next Generation HandheldRadionuclide Identification Device

The identiFINDER R500 (formerly the radHUNTER™) is an extremely sensitive and accurate digital hand-held gamma radionuclide identification device (RIID).

Available in two configurations (NaI and LaBr), the R500 is able to quickly detect, rapidly locate, accurately measure and precisely identify sources of contamination from their gamma radiation signature.

Detection of Radioactivity in High Density Materials

The RC4000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed to detect very low Gamma Ray emissions in high density materials. The vehicle size and type will help determine the appropriate panel size and configuration. The RC4000 is supplied in three detector panel sizes (69L, 91L, 138L) with any configuration with up to 8 detector panels. The RC4000 detection systems all utilize RadComm’s high quality specially prepare Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) scintillators, electronics and Dual Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT´s).

Complete UAV Radiation Mapping Drone System

UAV radiation mapping drone offers an accurate, affordable and versatile low-altitude aerial radiation detection vehicle which is an out of the box solution for anyone that needs to examine an area or patrol a location for radiation levels or contamination. The system gives you real-time location, measurement and mapping of radioactivity with isotope identification.