Swimming Pool Equipment

Pool Filters

Cleanliness of swimming pool is one of the important factors to be considered to sanitize the water. Regular cleaning of your pool takes more time and energy. Hence, to avoid such tensions swimming pool filters are installed to regularly clean your pool. There are many types of modern pool filters available in market, which can sanitize the water for safe swimming. Pool water should be filtered properly in order to remove bacteria and germs, which are unhygienic for the health. This may also lead to several illness and skin diseases. Modern Pool filters are noiseless and reduce maintenance and damages that are more expensive. Consider to hire quality pool service to install the filters without any damage to the surrounding pool.

Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pump is considered the heart of the entire pool. The main function of the pump is to fill or remove the water from the pool within short span of time. Modern Pool pumps are noiseless and come with filters to remove the algae and bacteria present in the water. There are many energy saving pumps to reduce the pumping electric bill to half-compared to regular ones. By using solar heating technique,Pool pumpsare operated to maintain the temperature in pool water.

Leak detection equipments

Swimming pool leak detection is the major problem for pool owners, who cannot conclude the reason for leakage of pool water. Leak detection equipments like ultra sonic listening technology can help to spot the exact place of leak without any damage to the surrounding pool. Aquaphon A200, Secorrphon AC200 are some of the swimming pool leak detection equipments, which by using microphones can detect the exact spot of water leakage. Dye test is another test to find the leakage point. Dye is poured into the pool water, as it is heavier than water it moves more quickly towards the leakage point than the water.