Swimming Pool Purification Plant

Whitten Pool Filters

Maintain Crystal Clear Water That is Clean, Safe and Cost-Effective

Filtration systems may not be sexy, but they are arguably the single most important component of running a successful recreational aquatic facility. And in today’s economic climate, running a filtration system cost-effectively is more important than ever.

Charm’s Whitten line of commercial pool filtration systems represent over 25 years of innovation and operational experience. Custom engineered to your specifications, our sand filters produce cleaner water, are simpler to manage, consume less chemicals and filtration media, and save more water than any other sand filtration system on the market.

Cost Saving Bi-Flow Filters. An evolution in modern filtration technology, the Bi-Flow Filter utilizes multi-flow technology to deliver exceptional filtration capability. These environmentally friendly and space-saving systems reduce energy and chemical costs, save on labor, and decrease media replenishment needs. With little to manage, the system can be fully automated and requires no bumping or regular additions of media to keep the system filtering at peak efficiency.

Multi-Cell Filters. This unique space-saving design stacks multiple chambers/filter beds in a single filter tank for added efficiency, significantly reducing backwash volumes with the added flexibility and benefits of back washing each cell independently. These proven, reliable systems are available in carbon steel and stainless steel and can be internally and externally coated with a variety of protective coatings.

HVS Filtration Systems

The high rate vacuum sand filter is one of the most used systems for large aquatic complexes. These filters are high volume water purification plants that can centrally filter multiple pools or aquatic attractions with an impressive filtration capacity of up to 3000 GPM. This system is field constructed with multiple configurations and control options available.

Diagrams Of Swimming Pool Water Purification System