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We Charm Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Packaged STP Plant and MBR Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangladesh. Our mission is to ensure the protection of the environment and public health by providing reliable and efficient sewage treatment services.

With 10 years of experience and a team of highly skilled professionals, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. We use advanced technology and processes to deliver effective and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our clients.


A sewage treatment plant is a facility designed to treat and purify wastewater and sewage from residential, industrial, and commercial sources. Its primary purpose is to remove contaminants, pollutants, and harmful microorganisms from the sewage to make it safe for discharge into the environment or for reuse.


Benefits of a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP):

  1. Environmental Protection: Prevents pollution of water bodies and soil.
  2. Public Health: Removes disease-causing pathogens, safeguarding public health.
  3. Water Reuse: Recycles treated water for non-potable uses, conserving freshwater resources.
  4. Compliance: Ensures adherence to environmental regulations and standards.
  5. Improved Hygiene: Enhances sanitation and reduces foul odors in communities.
  6. Reduced Costs: Lowers the burden on municipalities by efficiently treating wastewater.


STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) are needed:

  1. Urban Areas: To manage wastewater from residential and commercial sources.
  2. Industrial Zones: For treating industrial effluents and pollutants.
  3. Resorts and Campsites: To maintain environmental sustainability.
  4. Agricultural Lands: For irrigation and fertilization with treated water.
  5. Remote Locations: Ensures proper waste management in isolated areas.
  6. Public Health Facilities: To handle medical wastewater safely.
  7. Environmental Conservation: To protect natural water bodies and ecosystems.


Water is absolutely necessary for the survival of all living things and one of the most essential sources of economic activities as well.
But currently the world is facing a serious water problem due to population growth and economic development.

One of water problems is water pollution. In areas where sewerage and Johkasou (STP) are not widely covered, human-waste and miscellaneous wastewater is discharged directly into rivers and the ocean. If this goes on, water will continue to be contaminated.

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“Johkasou(STP)”can contribute to the solution of these problems.

Johkasou is a facility that treat human-waste (water from toilets) and miscellaneous wastewater (water from kitchens, bathrooms and laundry machines, etc) and discharges them into reivers other than public sewers.It decomposes and filters various substances, and treats dirty water properly and returns it to nature.

A membrane-type sewage treatment plant is a type of wastewater treatment system that uses membrane filtration technology to remove contaminants from sewage. This technology uses semipermeable membranes to filter out suspended solids, organic matter, and pathogens from the wastewater.

Sewage undergoes a screening process to remove larger particles, followed by filtration through membranes with tiny pores that trap contaminants and suspended solids, after which the filtered water is disinfected with UV radiation or chemicals before being released into the environment. They are used to treat wastewater in limited resources and in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics manufacturing to treat their wastewater


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